20 Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software

Setting appointments can be very time-consuming and tedious for a lot of people, more so without the right scheduling software. Employees might find themselves losing appointment notes or getting timetables mixed up while sending confirmation emails and making reminder calls. If you are an employee looking for some help or an owner of a small business wanting to make scheduling easy, you should get yourself an appointment setting software.

What is scheduling software?

Appointment scheduling software is a great business tool that allows owners and their employees to book meetings and keep track of them through an interface. Some software can connect to platforms for better integration, such as a website or social media account. You will not have to worry about losing meeting notes, forgetting about a set meeting, or experiencing a double booking on a single day.

What makes a good scheduling software?

The best scheduling software gives its users flexibility. As different businesses offer different services, a flexible scheduling tool will offer customizable booking options. So the booking experience of an auto-repair company should be different from the booking experience for a live online class.

Here is a list of 20 appointment scheduling software that are free, flexible, great for small businesses and solopreneurs.

  1. Vonza

A wonderful platform for selling online courses. Vonza is an online platform that gives you the flexibility you need to build up your online business without being forced to use so many third-party apps. Along with a scheduling tool, it also includes a website builder, an email app, and a store for selling both digital and physical products. It really gives you everything you need. The Vonza scheduling tool is very simple to use.

2. Acuity Scheduling

A great starting point for businesses that are starting out. It gives you what you need to start booking your customers without taking up your time. Once you have established yourself or have the budget, you can look at Acuity’s other features.

3. Picktime

A scheduling tool that is designed with flexibility in mind. It has almost everything a business needs in an appointment scheduling app, such as an online calendar, an SMS reminder system, customer management, and staff management. And, as of this writing, Picktime is completely free to use.

4. Bookafy

Here is a mobile-friendly scheduling app. This is important because of how there are more mobile internet users now than there are computer internet users. It also offers a free website to go with your software, and it allows you to customize how it looks for your users. All of this on top of having unlimited bookings and appointment types.

5. Hubspot Meeting Tools

Designed to make scheduling quick and simple. You can save time by reducing or removing email correspondence when trying to ensure booking. Instead, your prospective clients have the option to automatically set up a schedule that suits them with a sales representative available at that time.

6. Square Appointments

With many great tools for your business, Square Appointments is more than just a scheduling app. You can manage your clients, your team, and get the reports you need for your business. You can stay updated even when you aren’t working for the day.

7. Engagebay

More than just a scheduling tool, Engagebay is an all-in-one platform that gives you all the marketing and sales tools you will need. You get a CRM, or customer relationship management, a database where you can record customer information as you set a schedule with them. It helps automate your marketing and sales efforts.

8. 10to8

This scheduling platform allows for a closer staff-customer relationship. Specific staff members can handle specific service bookings, at the right times that both are available. In addition, 10to8 is one of the few apps that can integrate with over a thousand different other apps when under a Free plan.

9. Calendly

One of the well-known easy-to-use scheduling tools. You can set it up with your desired preferences so it can work how you want it to. It is known for its easy integration with websites, emails, and various other apps.

10. Appointlet 

Robust and feature-filled, Appointlet grants unlimited booking and unlimited appointment types. This allows for a simple yet effective user booking experience, with easy meeting software integration and schedule monitoring. It is a great place to start for any business or owner looking to get client appointments immediately.

11. Simplybook.me

Simplybook.me offers all-day booking for your clients, perfect for your service-based business. As the business owner, you also have access to an admin app, which can allow you to access your bookings wherever you are.

12. Appointy

Appointy is another scheduling software designed to assist in business growth. Like other apps, you can intergrate it with your company’s social media accounts for better customer reach. You also get the option to send out automatic reminders to reduce no-shows.

13. Setmore

An awesome platform built for the solopreneur in mind. It can be managed by up to four staff members and offers up to four calendars to work with it (where most free software only gives one calendar). The best part is how the paid plans feel more like progressive upgrades than ‘paywalls’.

14. Appointfix

A scheduling app designed for service providers, it operates direclty from your phone or tablet, letting you set meetings and manage clients on the go. As of this writing, Appointfix does not have an app for the computer.

15. Harmonizely

Not only does Harmonizely intregate well with the usual calendar apps, such as Google, but it also works with others, such as Zoho, Zimbra, and Nextcloud. Harmonizely also allows better reach with a multilingual scheduling page.

16. Calendar

Calendar is a great app for starting entrepreneurs. It has the option for individual users with all essential functions included, and also has an option for a small team. In addition to the usual scheduling features, it gives users a simple but informative analytics tool to keep track of successful and canceled appointments.

17. Timetap

A simple option with unlimited appointments with unlimited clients. A great software to start with when you are unsure of what to use in the beginning.

18. Arrangr

Arrangr offers cross-calendar capability, allowing you and your customers to book a meeting while using different calendar apps. This greatly reduces the possibility of miscommunication and removes the need of using the same calendar app.

19. Thryv

Thryv allows group scheduling, automated scheduling, recurring appointments, calendar sync, online booking, online payments, client database and a lot more. Let your customers access your availability 24/7, book the service or time slot that works best for them, and even cancel or reschedule.

20. GigaBook

Users can specify the staff, room, and equipment necessary for each appointment slot, and factor prep and breakdown time into each appointment so that your staff can plan their time properly.

In conclusion, Vonza Scheduling is the best free online appointment scheduler that helps you to manage your meetings and online calendar. You can get rid of the old-fashioned method of using phone and email tags for scheduling meetings, events, appointments, demos, interviews, calls, and more. Help your customers schedule appointments with you online.

What makes Vonza Scheduling stand above the competition? It is simple and attractive to use. You can set your availability preference, share the link with your customers or prospects, or simply show it on your Vonza website platform and allow them to pick a suitable time for the event, which is added automatically to your calendar.

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