How to Start your Own Christian University

A Christian University offers diplomas, certificates, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. The programs largely focus on theology, scripture, Christian ethics, Christian Counseling & Leadership. Although it does take a genuine commitment to start an accredited Christian University, it is not extremely expensive nor is it an overly arduous project.

You’ll also need to come up with the decision whether you want a physical or a virtual location, the latter being an easier, cheaper and a learn at your pace option.

There are 10 major steps listed below that will help you to start your own Accredited Christian University without hassles.

1. Determine the Name for your University.

You need to determine what name you want to call your university, the purpose, mission statement and vision. Remember your mission statement should include your educational approach, reasons for starting the university and your goals.

2. Prepare a Business Plan

Create a business plan which should include details about your operational plans, budget, philosophy and plans. Provide religious education that you have received.

3. Appoint your Board of Directors

Appoint your board of directors or founding committee members.

4. Legally Incorporate with your State.

File your business entity status with your state, usually through the Secretary of the State. Also, visit your state’s Department of Revenue website to register to collect sales and use tax. Many states allow users to file forms and pay taxes directly through their websites.

5. Get your Employee Identification Number (EIN)

Apply for your EIN at the IRS official website.

6. Get Accreditation

Apply for a Christian University Accreditation. This is a very important step because it will set your University apart from the usual certificates or diploma schools that do not meet educational requirements. Pay all applicable fees and work with the commission to meet eligibility criteria and standards.

7. Seek Advice and Funding information

Research grant and loan options for starting your Christian university. Apply for grants through the Department of Education and review available grants. Reach out to local churches and foundations and share your university’s mission for donations or financial support. Hold fundraiser events for additional support. Make sure you secure all donations, grants or loans.

8. Get a Functional Website and a Good School Management Software

Make sure you build a website that will include everything necessary to run your accredited Christian university seamlessly from registration to online courses and grading, student portal and so on.

I personally recommend Vonza Schools because it is an all-in-one cloud based School Management System that offers both online and campus classes and courses to students from around the world.

9. Promote and Market your University

Start promoting your institution to friends, place brochures at strategic locations. Advertise online and offline through blogs, posts, magazines and flyers. Promote on all your social media platforms and you can offer financial assistance or scholarships information. Make sure your offers are within your budget.

10. Develop your infrastructure and Get the right Curriculum and Outline for your Degrees

Design your policies and procedures – your infrastructure includes educational, curricular, business, legal, hiring, admissions and enrollment procedures.

Design your course catalog including course titles, credit hours and costs per credit per hour.

This is why I decided to put together the Start Your Own Christian College Program. There are not many good resources out there to teach you on how to launch your own accredited Christian University or Bible College. We’ll help you start and provide for you all the resources you will need to launch an accredited Christian University. 

Start and launch your own accredited Christian University, Bible College, Theological Seminary or Faith-based Training Institute with a proven system that is time-tested (over 12 years), have seen over 7,000 students graduated and millions of dollars generated.