6 Steps for Building a Dream Team



“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”. – Henry Ford

Everyone wants to be part of a dream team. A dream team is the winning team and achieving team. I remember vividly the 1992 Summer Olympics games in which the USA would present a basketball team composed of current players from the NBA. Players selected consisted of stars such as Scotty Pippen, Magic Johnson and David Robinson to name a few. They were nicknamed the “Dream Team” from Sports Illustrated. They worked hard and lived up to the name by scoring over 100 points in every game. They eventually won the gold medal. You can imagine the work, sacrifice and practice the guys must have put in. Their aim was to win and yes, the won. They lived up to it!

I have interacted with some successful teams within the sports and business area over the past few months and they all have similar qualities in common. This brings me to share these six essential tips every dream team requires.

  1. Leadership

Allow Leaders to lead. From the Blog post, “25 Attributes of a Great Leader” by Vonza, it states that “we all know Leadership involves setting a clear vision and the unique ability to influence and mobilize others towards that goal or vision. A great and effective leader does not happen by accident but by constant development and training of the mind. Leaders read about other Leaders, they imitate success and read about how it is achieved so they can also apply to their firms, organizations, communities, work place etc”. The Leader serves to motivate and challenge the best in others. This is not micromanaging but serving others.

2. Communicate the Vision clearly

The vision of the Team should be communicated clearly to each member. There should not be assumptions. Envision the future by imagining great and exciting possibilities, write it down and make it plain.

3. Create an Atmosphere for Encouragement

Recognize each and every member’s contribution. Give kudos Recognition & Awards (R&A) as this would motivate members to be more committed and do more for the team. Even before you reprimand a member for not doing right, start by acknowledging his good deeds.


4. Character: Integrity and Loyalty

Members tend to follow a person (his character) before his plan or vision. Be careful to always portray and model good characteristics always. Be honest, loyal and a person of integrity.


5. Team Members Understanding their Roles

Make sure each team member understands their roles and expectations. There should not be assumptions. Let all roles be clear to avoid confusion. Team members should also be able to contribute in a way that compliments the work of others, there should be mutual respect. All thoughts and inputs of other members must be valued.

6. Encourage Team Members to Think Outside the Box and be Challenged
Apparently, your team members must be a talented bunch of people with diverse knowledge bringing technical expertise to the team. This is key when selecting your team members.
Allow members to be challenged and let them use their thought process to find solutions. Brainstorming sessions should also be encouraged

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