5 Ways to Stay Productive

To be successful in life you have to things in place to keep you moving toward your goals.  That’s productivity!  How do you stay focused and keep from getting side tracked?  You have to set up a system to keep you on task.

In fact, if you ask anybody who is successful they will tell you the same thing.  They accomplished their goals because they stuck to their routines.  Having a daily regimen is what will keep you on task.

Here are some ways that will keep you sharp and on task.

1 – Write A Schedule

Have a schedule each day of what you want to accomplish.  Depending on how detailed of a person you are determines how far you will break the schedule down.  You can write down each hour of your day and want the task you intend on completing.  Knowing what you will do at every hour of the day will keep you on tract for getting things done.

Of course there are emergencies and other non-planned events that will occur.  With a schedule you can adjust and still get things done.  Also realize that everything that’s labeled an “emergency” is not always a priority for you.  Let’s say a friend’s car has a flat and they call you to assist.  It’s great to help people but sometime people will call you because they know you are available.  They may not have thought about other resources they have such as AAA or other road side assistance programs.  Only you know if that is the best use of your time.  You have goals you are working to accomplish and you have to keep them as priority in your life.

It is not that you are selfish it is that you focused on sticking to your schedule and getting your daily tasks done.  Each day that you win is a day closer to your goal.  You can help more people with more resources so you have to have a time to go hard after the things you want.  You will send a message to others that you are serious about reaching your goals.  They will soon get on board and respect the space you need to get your tasks done.  You will also give them examples on how to get business done.

There are all types of resources out there to assist with writing out a schedule.  The following link is an example of how you can write a schedule.

2 – Put Your Phone on Silent

With all the social media, text messages, phone calls, and email messages cell phones constantly go off.  All the dings and bings and various noises caused from the notifications can be distracting.  Even the buzzing of the phone on vibrate can be distracting.  So you have to put the phone away or place it on silent if it easily distracts you.  Your goal is to get work done in the most time efficient way.  You don’t want to take 4 hours to do a 10 minute job.  Its easily done if you are stopping every few minutes to answer text, tweets, and dms.

The great thing about notifications is that you can answer them at a time that’s convenient for you.  So get rid of the phone when you are trying to get things done.  If you are doing work on the phone then you may want to temporarily disable the notifications.  Whatever you have to do to increase your productivity, do it!  Now days people are scrolling through profiles and click on this link then that link until you end up on a page where you have no idea how you got there or what you were doing.

So if you are using social media please keep your initial motive in mind as you scroll.  With ads and other things you can easily be lead into other directions.  Instead of you have control of your phone you become governed by your phone and it will dictate what you think.  If you don’t approach it with goal in mind it will definitely give you a goal.  It will think for you, if you are not careful or purposeful.

According to a blog from Quickens, “Tips To Stay Productive at Work”, you should designate a time to check your messages and other notifications.  Such as break times.

3 – Positive Self Talk

As you are working continue to motivate yourself.  The things you think about you will bring about.  If you think I won’t meet the deadline, I can’t do this task, the client won’t like my pitch, or any other negative thoughts you will accomplish that very thing.  So if you think you can’t do the job you will fail.  In order to stay productive you have to think positive.  “You are a champ, you’ve got this, they will love my ideas” are some ways you have to think.

Other people refer to this as meditation.  If you think about good and productive things you will not only get the job done but you will do it well.  You will also enjoy doing the work if you keep yourself motivated.  WebMD has an article on “The Power of Positive Self Talk”. It tells you just how important positive self-talk is.

4 – Take Care of Your Body

The more you take care of your body the more productive your mind will be.  Find what works for you.  The proper amount of rest, food intake, exercise, all those things will help you stay sharp in your mind.  Plus you will have energy to work longer and get more done in a day.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day, however some of us maximize on that time.  If you are tired and sluggish you won’t be able to think straight or stay focused on a particular assignment.  When your body is in need of food or rest it can be distracting.  Instead of thinking innovatively your mind will think about what your body needs.

We only get one body.  So you want to do things that will strengthen your body and condition it to be productive for long periods of time.  This will give you the edge over the competition.  Successful people understand the process of working.  Most people take the easy way out and don’t put forth much effort.  They will do the bare minimum of work.  Stay ahead of the game, take care of your body, keep your mind sharp!

5 – Take a Break

Sometimes to stay productive you have to take breaks so you won’t get burned out.  Take a walk, go to the bathroom, do some quick exercises, do something to keep you alert.  Especially if you’re working on a task and you find yourself stuck, walking away for a few minutes and returning can give you a fresh perspective.  Don’t get carried away and take long extended breaks.  That is not productive at all.  It will take you much longer to reach goals and plus it requires too much effort to get your creative juices back in gear.  Find that balance.  A quick walk, a quick snack, something that will recharge you so you can get back to work.

If you have many things you have to do, you may consider getting other tasks done in between completing a larger task.  You have to find what’s best for you.  The goal is to take time to rest, refresh, and recharge so you can tackle those goals.

There are many other things you can do to increase productivity.  The goal is know yourself and what works best for you.  Take time and observe what things push you to your optimal productivity.  The more you can get done in the time you have, the faster you can get things done and reach your goals.


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