How to Protect your Family from Intruders

When God created marriage, He created foundational principles for it to be guided and guarded. One of those principles is boundaries. It is stated in the Scripture above. Once we are married, we are no longer two but one.

God created marriage to produce the deepest intimacy and bonding possible in a human relationship.

There are many unknowing couples whose relationship has been surrendered to the opinions and whims of others because boundaries were not in place. If you don’t set boundaries for your marriage, other people will do it for you. There is no guarantee that the boundaries others set will be beneficial to you either.

Most often than not, people push the boundaries of you and your relationship to see what it will take before they get what they want.

It must be said that boundaries are not the time in which you allow your personal fears, failures, control issues, and the like take over. Again, boundaries are a form of protection and preservation from the outside influences that have the ability to influence it in a negative way.

Who are Marriage Intruders?

Marriage intruders are external people that try to violate your marriage boundaries and covenant.

A marriage from heaven is between two people (not three or more) God put together to do life together.

You must protect your marriage from intruders. Some intruders are those who you love and care the most about. Though their thoughts and motives might be good and pure, their actions can damage and destroy your marriage. Before you know it, they could split you and your spouse.

Boundaries should be made mutually, meaning that both parties agree to the boundaries set.

No two individuals are the same. Your perspective may be different from your spouse’s, but for the mutual benefit of preserving the relationship, boundaries must be met.

Protect your marriage from intruders. One of the most effective ways is to set boundaries.

How to Set Boundaries:

  1. State what you think the boundaries should be.


  1. Allow your partner to state what they think the boundaries should be.


  1. Then come to a mutual agreement or meet in the middle. You will find that when the two of you are on the same page, it makes for an ideal situation.


Always remember that in order for your spouse to feel comfortable and be open and honest, you must create an atmosphere that is conducive for honesty through your words, behavior, anger management, attitude, and emotional maturity.

As husband and wife, we should be the first to protect each other’s reputations. We should never allow our family, friends, or anyone for that matter to speak negatively about our spouse. Marriage is between two people and not a crowd. The moment you allow an intruder into your marriage, you’ve already weakened its borders.

Don’t keep secrets from each other. Be a team—one team. Unless we are planning a surprise party for our spouse, we have no business keeping any secrets from him/her. Marriage is for lovers!


Culled from the Book, Marriage from Heaven by Drs. Uyi & Faith Abraham.

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