7 Ways to Living a Life of Contentment

Contentment is simply a state of happiness, fulfilment and satisfaction in what you have and who you are. It starts with being grateful for what we have rather than complaining about what we don’t have. Celebrate the gifts and blessings of God on your life and in others.

Many people don’t have three square meals a day, nor a spouse, children or other luxuries of life. They move on and smile. Why do we have to be sad about the things we don’t have.

“He who is not contented with what he has, will not be contented with what he doesn’t have.” – Socrates

Don’t confuse contentment with settling for status quo. It’s having the sense of fulfilment as you are striving to live out your purpose.

“But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.” 1 Timothy 6:6-7 (KJV)

To live a life of contentment, here are 7 ways highlighted below.

  1. Develop a sincere attitude of gratitude. This is key because if you can’t show appreciation for what you have such as the gift of life for starters, it would be impossible to be grateful for things which are not yet physically present. Be happy, laugh more and all will be alright.


  1. Understand that Contentment can’t be found in material things. Contentment is never determined by the things you have. If you are not contented with a $10, you probably won’t be contented with a $100. Many a times people think if they can just have that luxury car or move into a bigger house, then they would be contented. Contentment comes from trusting God with what you have now and asking His help so he can do more in the future. Break the negative habit of satisfying discontentment with new acquisitions.


  1. Celebrate Others. Learn to celebrate the joys and success of others rather than being sad or depressed about their achievements. Allow your soul to be filled with joy and peace rather than disdain, jealousy or depression. These kills the soul.


  1. Serve and Help Others. Always strive to help other people or to serve in any capacity you can. Community or Church Denominational services are quite helpful. This will also push away every form or thought of depression further away from the mind. Helping others takes the focus off you. When you begin helping others, sharing your talents, time and money, you will find yourself learning to be content. The practice will give you a finer appreciation for what you own, who you are, and what you have to offer. Practice helping people and you will soon discover how rich and powerful you truly are.


  1. Find your Gifts/ Talents and develop them. Finding your gifts and developing them also helps you and your knowledge can be turned into income. There are so many online platforms where you can put out your skill into a course, market and sell it online and that puts money in your pocket. For more information on how this can be done visit com .


  1. Simplicity and Learning to do more with less. It’s about being content with less, with a simpler and richer life, rather than always wanting more, always acquiring more, possessing more and never being content or fulfilled.


  1. Pray More. Prayer helps us to appreciate even the little things of life. Prayer breaks our pride and humbles us. Make it a habit of yours to pray daily.

Discontentment evaluation is simply examining why you want more, and solving that issue at its root. At the root of wanting more is not being content with what you have. Once you’ve learned to be content, you don’t need more.

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