Got Trust Issues? (How to Overcome Them)

There’s an old age saying “if there’s no trust there is no relationship”. This is a true saying though very general and vague.

One of the core foundations in marriage is trust.  Without it sporadic and unhealthy behaviors, jealousy, short temperaments, begin to surface and cause immediate damage of a marriage.

Imagine marriage as a piece of pottery and someone kept tapping the pot with a metal hammer over and over.  Fragments would fly away until the pot started to crack and once the crack is deep enough a single tap will cause the pot to shatter.

Your relationship is similar to that pot and trust strengthens every relationship. Although the cause of trust issues varies from infidelity, perceived lies, bad financial decisions, unfulfilled promises and the list goes on, one factor in overcoming trust issues is to learn what your spouse deems as relevant or important. Without gaining an understanding it will be extremely difficult to rebuild and be able to regain trust.

You have to ask yourself the following questions to gain a more in depth understanding.  These are the first steps to overcoming trust issues:

What actions can help rebuild the trust?

What can you do to make your spouse feel comfortable?

What steps as a couple can you take to rebuild?

What makes your spouse feel secure?

Are there actions that you can take to prevent the breaking of trust again?

In the book “21 ways to ignite passion and intimacy into your marriage”, it discusses activities to help couples come back together again and refocus on the things that truly matter.

When both parties are willing to work past issues that’s when rebuilding trust can happen. There also has to be some sort of hope within your heart to work together with the person that betrayed your trust.

Hope gives way for the belief that though things are shaky now the relationship can and will get better.

In order for any relationship to function properly it takes work, effort and hope without those things there is no relationship

The relationship will flourish and bring more happiness when it is treated with loving care and the attention that it deserves.

Now if you are dealing with issues within your marriage that are beyond you scope of resolution or your spouse’s scope then you should seek professional assistance from a marriage coach or counselor.

No one is prepared for the responsibilities or the weight of marriage but outside help can you tips to enjoy marriage and it’s great benefits.  Know that the process may be challenging and will yield great rewards so have patience and trust the process.

Additional steps to overcoming trust issues in marriage, relationship and life:

  1. Forgive and let go of the past.
  2. Pray for strength for your partner or the other person.
  3. Admit and Commit to Deal with your Trust Issues
  4. Be discerning rather than suspicious.
  5. Chose to believe again.
  6. Deal with past pain.
  7. Make a decision to find more constructive ways to cope with breaches of trust.
  1. Stop expecting others to know what you want.
  2. Be vulnerable again
  3. Rebuild emotional and physical intimacy



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