What’s the Secret Ingredient in a Successful Marriage?

The number one secret to a successful marriage is not what you may think.  It’s not sex, it’s not finances, or communication.  Those three things are very important in marriage but it’s one thing that will take your marriage to the next level.  It is one really simple word, kindness!

I have been a marriage counselor for over a decade and my wife has a successful thriving counseling business as well.  We found that when many couples are having issues in their marriage it’s usually one simple thing they can tweak in their relationship to make it better.  When they change that thing they can have a much better marriage.  It is simply kindness.  If you work on out-kinding your spouse I promise you will have a better marriage.

What is kindness?  It is being considerate, affectionate, or generous to one another.  You can have an innocent competition between each other by seeing who can out kind the other.  It’s a win-win situation.  Nothing but good will come out of you and your spouse out kinding one another.  Kindness will help improve the other areas in your marriage.

When you are kind to your spouse, you are not going to say the things that will upset them, you will be thoughtful, and not do things to hurt them.  Unfortunately many couples are not kind to one another.  Well not as kind as they could be.  The secret is, when you give your spouse what they want, you will get what you want.  If each person is focused on being kind to one another then you will definitely improve the quality of your marriage.

So find ways to out kind each other.  Who will be the winner?  You or your spouse?  Go ahead find ways to be kind to your spouse and watch you have a fun, loving, and enjoyable marriage!

Excerpts from the Book, Marriage from Heaven by Drs. Uyi& Faith Abraham. Get the book here

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