Alex Cunningham Interviews Uyi Abraham: How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Online Business – Part 1

Uyi Abraham, a Nigerian Immigrant who came to America with just $100 and a suitcase of clothes and turned humble – hustling beginnings into a multi-million dollar business career.

He is now the CEO of Vonza.com, the only online black-owned all-in-one business platform joins us today to tell his journey as well as give us some great business ideas for 2021 to skyrocket our financial success.

Listen to the full episode below:


  • (2:50) A little more about Uyi and Vonza.com
  • (3:14) How Uyi came to America with $100 and where he is from.
  • (3:54) How is passion moved from being a Medical Doctor to a Full-Time Entrepreneur.
  • (5:40) Uyi’s “business ideas.”
  • (8:00) How he started an online Christian University.
  • (10:32) How he moved from small to bigger opportunities.
  • (14:03) How to scale an online business in 2021.
  • (15:20) Learn something and teach people.
  • (16:00) How he has taught people on how to start their own Tax Preparation Business.
  • (16:46) 3 things you can do in 2021 that can guarantee you a 5 to 7-figure income.
  • (19:39) Credit Score Tips & Tradelines


Connect with Uyi Abraham:

Create an Account on Vonza

Books Mentioned in the Episode: Credit Zilla: Hidden Credit Repair Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know by Uyi Abraham

Courses Mentioned in this Episode:

Credit Repair Training

Tax Preparation Business Certification Program

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