10 Best Ways to Start an Accredited Bible College and Christian University

There are many reasons to start a bible college and Christian University. Bible colleges and Christian universities have long been a means of propagating education and ideals beyond the scope of the church.  People who are interested in furthering their education get the opportunity to further it in an environment that is congruent to their beliefs.

Here are 10 powerful reasons why you want to start an Accredited Bible College.

#1 To Change Lives

Ignorance is very costly.  Although many have said ignorance is bliss it is not and being able to offer quality education to enhance others is a powerful means of changing people’s lives. When they are able to acquire education and they apply that education it will invariably cause change.

#2 To Educate Others

Educating other people allots for transformation that transcends into the next generation. As you educate one person that education will be passed on from generation to generation.  Educating others is a selfless act that produce rewards several times over.

#3 To Train More Leaders

By offering education you are able to train up and coming leaders. Leadership is essential to the growth of nations and the growth of people. Colleges were essentially created in order to equip and train the leaders of tomorrow with the goal of promoting positive change. As your accredited bible college is enrolling and graduating students the training of new leaders is occurring.

#4 For your Legacy

Leaving a legacy is extremely important and there is an biblical expectation that adults need to leave an inheritance or legacy for his children’s children. A legacy goes beyond your life on this earth. That legacy allows the beliefs and ideals that you stood for to continue even while you are gone. When your life goes beyond the years that you are alive, that is a powerful testament to who you are and what you left on the earth. 

#5 To Enhance your Personal and/or Ministry Brand

There are great intellectuals and scholars such as Dr. Oral Roberts, Dr. Marilyn Hickey, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Dr. Andrew Wommack just to name a few who have increased their brand. By the virtue of training and equipping leaders, clergy and lay persons through their colleges and seminaries; they have been able to amass and reach many more people for Christ.  An accredited bible college or Christian university grants the opportunity to make an indelible impression upon many even if they don’t attend your school!

#6 To Grant More Influence

Having a Bible College is a great way of expanding your influence as you are seen through the lenses of others as someone who is a ‘builder of people’. Those who are called to build up people and who actually do build up people, their influence grows greatly. Where there is influence there is impact. When the impact is for Christ that is fulfilling the great commission which is on the heart of every person who is living for God.

Start your Bible College

#7 To Generate Financial Income

Having an accredited Bible college is a means of financial income. The foundation of a business is to render a service to others in exchange for monetary compensation. By having your accredited Bible college, you are rendering the service of education which allows for the exchange of income. One measuring stick for determining impact is income.  The more impact you create and make the more income will follow.

#8 To Provide Opportunities

Colleges allow for opportunities to be created by graduating students, potential teachers, potential administrators etc. Various jobs are created and facilitated through the establishment and growth of a Bible College. Also the alumni who have a desire to teach and train can return and teach others the same education that they themselves received.

#9 To Enhance the Community.

Bible colleges are located within local communities in which the community will be impacted by the bible colleges existence.  When your bible college hosts events, fundraisers, outreach, educational seminars and the like the community is built up in a way that promotes education and positive outreach.  The strength of a community lies within the businesses and schools in its area and when your college is seen its impact will be felt.  Such impact also lends itself to greater awareness and thus garners more student interest.

#10 To Fulfill Purpose and Calling

When we are fortunate enough our careers can be the vehicle of us fulfilling purpose and calling.  Since our lives are created to make impact, starting your accredited Bible college is a way for you to fulfill your purpose and calling as well as help others who either work with you in the college or attend your college fulfill theirs as well. 

If you’re ready to start your journey and establish your accredited Bible college click the following link for more information.


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