How to Become Part of The New Rich

Hi, I’m Uyi Abraham …

I was about to board a plane. This was going to be a long flight. I didn’t know if I was prepared. I had never been on a plane before. This was going to be my first time on a plane. Up till that point, the closest proximity to a plane I ever had was to look at them in magazines and wonder when I could ever get on one.

My ticket in hand, legs shaking, palms sweating, I slowly moved my skinny self toward the immigration officer. “What is your name?” he asked, staring at my passport. I told him.

“Where are you going to?” he quizzed.

“America,” I answered.

“How much currency do you have in your possession?” he continued to quiz me.

“Well … All I have is a single $100 bill and a suitcase of clothes,” I responded.

“Is that all?”

“That’s all I have, sir,” I fired back.

He nodded, stamped my passport, and I walked away toward the Lufthansa flight heading to Houston, Texas. I was coming to America with hopes to continue my studies to become a Medical Doctor (Gynecologist).                                 

Well, things didn’t quite work out like that. Due to various situations, including financial hardship, temporal homeless, and the like, I eventually lost interest in practicing medicine. I entered the job market. In the next couple of years, I settled for various 9–5s before I finally launched fully into entrepreneurship. The first few years of entrepreneurship were hard. I tried and failed in 13 businesses before I stumbled upon the knowledge business. It was in the knowledge industry that heaven smiled on me. I finally got it.                            

I went from coming to America with only $100 to my name—and at my lowest point, having all my bank accounts in the negative and just $5 cash in my pocket—to now a net worth of $10 Million dollars in just a few years. I did it by selling my knowledge online. It’s the same principles I am teaching in this that I used to quit my 9–5, make millions, and helped students all over the world to make 6 and 7 figures. Some of my students only work a few hours a week from anywhere, including in their pajamas, on the seashore, or just on their toilets. 

I also founded the fastest growing black-owned SAAS (software as a service) company VONZA.COM (took it to $5 million valuation in 9 months) by turning my pain into an online platform to help millions of people. 

I used to query God all the time about my sufferings. I would wonder why I wasn’t seeing His blessings in my life. I would take solace in reading scriptures like Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV), “For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”

Nowadays I make thousands of dollars before I wake up in the morning or still in my underwear. To make millions online and WFA (work from anywhere) is very easy—ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is to help people achieve a goal or overcome a pain, even if you’re not the top dog. People will pay for speed and ease. You don’t have to make music. You can be the DJ who plays other people’s music and get paid for it.

People are not just only going to pay you because you created a mind-blowing knowledge course. Oh no! A thousand times no! People will pay you because you made it easier for them to get the information they need all in one place. You’ll become their hero and lifesaver.                                                                             

Online Business is the New Rich

There’s the new rich that most people don’t know about. This underground movement of online entrepreneurs escaped the 9–5, and are making millions on their own terms online. They realize that their knowledge, product and service are valuable and are a game-changer for someone else. It could help give someone hope, save marriages, restore families, inspire healthy lifestyles, become financially free, start a business, grow a business, or more …

So they took their knowledge, product and service online. I know that if you would believe in your knowledge and know how to share it with others whose lives you have been called to change, you’ll make a real difference in the world and leave a legacy that cannot be erased. Everything you’ve been through, all the knowledge and experiences you possess is a vault of hidden treasures. And you must share your knowledge with others so that they, too, can have what you have.

The millions are not in your doing what you know; it is in your teaching what you know.

The Man who Broke the Internet

On August 17, 2004, John Reese sent an email to his followers with the subject line, “We did it!” He said that on that day, they had launched his new online course called Traffic Secrets, and in just 18 hours, they had made a million dollars! I remember reading about this great undertaking, and I was like, “Wow, this is amazing!”

Up until that time, nobody ever came close to making $1 million in a day. He set the record at the time. I remember googling his name and trying to figure out what he sold and why people bought it. How did he do it? I will tell you: John Reese learned how to drive traffic to his website, and he turned his knowledge into an online course to teach other people how to do the same.

When John first sold traffic secrets, no one was really selling an online course for $1000. John had a unique selling position by offering something at a price that was pretty unheard of, and the course was good. The Traffic Secrets course went on to generate millions of dollars more.

This was the beginning of my knowledge revolution. I began to understand that millions of dollars can be made just by selling knowledge to people who want it.

This was in 2004, but I was still stuck with a 9–5 for many years because I didn’t have Catapult to help me get to the Promised Land. The secrets I will be sharing in this  are not only simple but also extremely easy to follow and guaranteed to change your life.


Most of my memories growing up in Nigeria is filled with sadness. I remember the image of me walking miles to and from my High school. I have tasted first-hand the trauma and brutality of poverty.

I vowed as a child that I didn’t want anything to do with poverty again. I wanted to be financially free so I could help people find their purpose and destiny. It took me almost 20 years to become a part of the New Rich. Like I said earlier, I was looking and seeking multiple ways to make money. I failed in 13 businesses, but I didn’t stop until I got to where I wanted to be in life.

I believe deep in the heart of every person is a desire to do something outstanding and be rich (including those who pretend they don’t want to be rich)—To make a difference in their generation. To inspire a change. To light the fire of a revolution.

Living a successful and fulfilled life is everybody’s dream in every place, race, and nation on the earth. More individuals are realizing they must be proactive about their destiny and create the life of their dreams.                                                                                              

Interest in entrepreneurship is growing; many people are waking up to the realization that the traditional 9 to 5 job security, pension, and social security have all bowed to the biochemical principle of evaporation.     In other words, what your grandpa told your dad about getting a college education, joining a great and growing company, work very hard, staying there for thirty to thirty-five years, and retiring will not hold up in today’s realities. Consider these facts:

  • Inflation is rising yearly at an average of 3%.
  • Slumber in the housing market. What’s next?
  • Social security could go broke in fifteen years.
  • More companies are shying away from providing pension and retirement plans for their employees.
  • The cost of war, the rising influence of China could drive more US jobs to other countries.

President Reagan once said, “We must act today in order to preserve tomorrow. We are going to begin to act, beginning today.”

You cannot entrust your life to your job, economy, or government. We must be informed, educated, and proactive.

One of my personal passions in life is to teach people what they don’t know, thus impacting people’s lives with transforming information. It’s information that will change the course of your life. If you want your life to change, there has to be some additional information that you get in order to change it.                       

Melissa Griffins is one of my favorite students. She is a single mother that wanted to leave a legacy for her three young daughters. Before she took my Online Business Secrets, she was struggling as a real estate agent out of Orlando, Florida. She was employed by a local real estate agency. Competition in the area and some personal issues made it hard for her to get ahead in her career. At first, she was skeptical of the idea that she can use her knowledge to generate any money. After implementing the Online Business Secrets formula, she began to share her knowledge and teach others how to buy and flip houses with no money down. She used the blueprint I gave her in the course. In her first two years of business, she made $3 million from her knowledge business. This is just one example out of the countless number of students of mine who have used their knowledge to change their lives and that of others. You, too, can share your knowledge, escape your 9–5, and make millions.   

Maybe your biggest satisfaction in life is not to make millions; maybe your goal in life is just to escape the 9–5, retire, or have enough income to live life on your terms.

As a serial entrepreneur, many of the businesses that I started were not businesses that I was familiar with. I started photo studios, started and operated a restaurant, I still operate a very lucrative tax business among other things. A lot of these industries were not familiar to me. I had to acquire information on these industries. Based on that knowledge, I then started my businesses.

What you already know makes you an expert—guru, coach, instructor, teacher, and master. What if you could share what you know—an expertise, skill, story, or passion and have a flood of people excited to pay you for it?

Zig Ziglar once said: “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

The New Rich happens when you share what you know and not what you have.

The new rich is not motivated by money or making money. They are motivated by the ability to change lives. What’s more rewarding than making millions is changing the lives of millions. The impact the right knowledge can have on someone at the right time of their life brings great fulfillment. Like when someone can’t afford a house or car because their credit is bad, and then they find you who resonate with them, inspire them, and teach them how to fix their credit and get their dream home and car. Or the student who is struggling at school, or a couple who can’t stop fighting, or an entrepreneur who wants to grow their business.

The new rich is more concerned about legacy than popularity.

Back in the day, if you were going to be wealthy, there were only a few ways that could even possibly happen. You were either born rich, or you needed to create wealth from the ground up. The chances of becoming rich on your own were difficult. The average person doesn’t have access to wealth, which is why it is said that the poor remain poor, and the rich remain rich. 

The Game Changer

The digital age is the game changer. The New Rich doesn’t need access to large capital, land, heavy equipment, or work a job for thirty years to be financially free. The Old Rich had to sell their time and energy for money. The New Rich sell their online knowledge. The digital age is where online transactions rule the day. As a matter of fact, if you talk to my wife, she will say to you, “If you don’t have a website, or I can’t find you online, you don’t exist.” And that’s true. Nowadays, online has become so much a part of our lives that just about everyone has a smartphone. Everyone has a Face profile or at least an Instagram profile.

What you have to understand is, there is a new way of becoming rich. That is the New Rich. And the New Rich are people who have figured out a way to take what they knowtheir hobbies, their expertise, the things they have overcome and learnedand monetize them. That is the NR. They’re the catapult movement that I am inviting you to be a part of.

And that is the type of rich that will rule the land.  It’s the type of rich that has shifted 2.3 million people reach a net worth with six zeroes since 2016.  According to Credit Suisse’s new Global Wealth Report in 2017, there are now 36 million millionaires in the world—a 170% jump from 2000.

This is the rich that people don’t know about, but now I’m here to let you know. One of my objectives in life is to impact people’s lives. I know that the greatest impact I can make is making an impact on someone’s financial status. The easiest way to do this is through starting a business and scaling that business to make six and seven and eight figures. Catch up!

The digital industry is the $325 billion industry that no one is talking about, yet it’s accessible to you.                                                     

If you’re anything like me, you have this inclination to live life on your own terms. The entrepreneurial spirit is super heavy upon me, making me not very suitable for a traditional 9–5. 

Escaping the 9–5 Trap

A good paying job can rarely Catapult you. A job is not the answer to financial freedom and peace. A job can be a hindrance and stumbling block to what you can truly achieve with your life.

Most people who became ultra-successful in their lives said no to a job and, instead, pursued their passion and dream. You, too, can say no to the 9–5 trap and receive your deliverance and go forth and do something great and become a part of the New Rich.

I don’t have a problem with 9–5s. I believe they have a problem with me. I have ideas and look to execute quickly. Some days I can work in the office nonstop, but other days I prefer to drive around and meet new people. Sometimes I decide to stay home and watch Netflix. Take my wife to a nice sushi lunch. 9–5s don’t allow this type of fluidity. I need this type of fluidity to be the best version of me. Does this sound like you? I’m sure that’s why you picked up this . The employee mindset limits him or her. The mindset of an entrepreneur liberates.

What about being able to set your own schedules, have mid-day rendezvous with your spouse or significant other when you choose?

To be the best version of you and make money at the same time you have to set up a business that’s going to let you use what you already know and monetize it.                               

In other words, there’s information, a hobby, an interest, expertise, knowledge that you know that when packaged correctly can bring you into the new rich.

Like in the industrial revolution where you had to go to the factory and work. In the agricultural revolution, everyone had to acquire land and domesticate plants and animals. Then the information revolution that begins with the invention of the computer chip.

You can literally make millions of dollars from the comfort of your bed with a laptop. The new rich use their phones as a means to an end. And that is to create an income that would sustain them in the world they live. The world we live in today is much different than it used to be.

Let’s say you may have learned how to go organic after having health issues that hindered your ability to get pregnant. Once you changed to living organically, you got pregnant and had your baby. You now have knowledge of the process from going from regular living to living organically.  You can now educate others on the ingredients that may be hindering their ability to get pregnant. You can do this in the form of a , an online course, a video, or even a class.  Give them a list of alternatives and show them the websites and shops to buy the alternatives in. You encourage them in their journey within a group or membership and teach them how to keep standing in the midst of adversity. 

According to Business Insider, “There are now 36 million millionaires in the world—and they own nearly half the total wealth.”

What are you going to do?

You now have an opportunity to catapult your life and join the new rich. You’re reading this blog because you want real change. You don’t just want small, incremental improvements, you want too see real transcending change. The only thing that can stop you is lies of the devil, telling you that you can’t do it. This blog teaches you the secrets to making millions but also the right mindset to achieving it. When you begin to develop the right mindset and position your solution to the people who desperately need it, an overflow happens. It’s a rush like you’ve never seen before. People don’t buy from you because they don’t believe you. They didn’t help them believe you had their solution.

I really encourage you to let go of negative sentiments or feelings that are holding you back. In the beginning of this , I shared with you how miserable and terrible my life was. I was the least likely to succeed in the list of many people. While many voted me out, I never voted myself out. I understood that fear was a part of my growth process. I didn’t allow my fears or weaknesses stop me.

I was determined to change my life, and design my life on my terms. I have been able to design the life of my dreams and that is why I wrote this blog to help you design yours.

Join the new rich. Launch your online business for free at www.vonza.com


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