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Land Flipping Secret: How to Buy Lands for $50 and Sell for Profit with Ray and Jay

Land flip is the process of purchasing a property for pennies and reselling it at a higher price. Some may wonder how this is possible; Ray and Jay, two successful black Americans living in New York, have earned thousands of dollars from flipping lands. They buy land for $50 and resell for a huge profit margin. Ray, a former garbage truck driver, and Jay, a basketball coach, both realized they needed a better source of income to sustain their living expenses in the expensive city of New York, that’s how they became a team; land flippers with similar interests, goals, and visions.

In this article, Ray and Jay, from experience, will walk you through their journey so far as land flippers and let you in on some secrets about land flipping. Let’s dive in and discover the secret goldmine.

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What Led Ray to Start Flipping Lands

During the time I was working as a garbage truck driver, I was also part timing as a mortgage broker. What happened was that, at the time I was working as a mortgage broker, everybody was talking about buying houses, and nobody paid attention to buying land which is a primary asset–without the land you can’t have a house.

We started by looking at tax deeds. I have heard about tax deeds a lot, but nobody I knew was talking about it or doing it, so we started looking online for mentors that will be our coach.

Mentorship is the best strategy ever to build wealth. With mentorship you don’t have to figure it out yourself, because there are people that have gone ahead of you in your industry. Mentors are willing to pour into you what they know, all you need to do is pay and tap into the information.

What are Ray and Jay Teaching People Currently to Buy Lands?

From Ray: Well, it’s two different things we’re teaching people right now, first is what we call the silver package and the second is tax-deeds. When we first got started we were buying properties for $50 (fifty dollars) and selling them for $3,000 (three thousand dollars). We buy land in undeveloped areas from the owners, who usually live a mile or two from the property. Once you know how to target the owners you will be able to offload the property. We were buying 50 of these lands at a time, sometimes we sold five to six a week. 

From Jay: The second thing we are teaching people is Tax-deed. What exactly is tax-deed and how do we use it to buy lands for $50? 

A tax deed is a legal document that grants ownership to a county or municipality, when the property owner fails to pay taxes owed on it. This document is typically issued after a tax sale or auction, and it transfers the property’s title from the delinquent taxpayer to the government, allowing them to recover the unpaid taxes by either selling the property or using it for public purposes.

Take for instance; If you own a property, whether it is a land or a building and you fail to pay your taxes, the county or municipality comes in and slap a lien on your property. They’ll send you several notices to pay your property tax, when you fail to abide by that notice, they’re gonna take ownership of the property, next they sell it back to the public for how much, for as little as $50 (fifty dollars). The county just wants what’s owed on the property, they don’t care if it’s $10,000 that’s owed on the property, and the property is worth $200,000, if you as a buyer can pay what is owed on the property it automatically becomes yours. Once we come across a property like that, we buy it and put it back on the market. That’s how we double and triple our money.

Tax Lien- What is a Tax-lien?

Tax Liens are legal claims placed on a property by a county or municipality, when the property owner fails to pay the taxes owed on their property. These liens serve as a way for the government to get back what is owed on the property.

The owner of the property is usually given a redemption period if they fail to pay the taxes owed, before the property is completely taken away from them.

A Redemption Period

Redemption period

A Redemption Period varies by location, some states maybe for 2 years, 3 years or less. The property owner is given a redemption period within which they can repay the investor who purchased the tax lien. Say for instance you bought the tax lien for $15000, the owner of the property will be given a time frame to pay back the money, if they are unable to pay the property becomes yours, but if they pay after like 2 years, you will get 15 to 25% on the $15,000.

What if there’s a mortgage on the property?

Even if the property had a mortgage, the taxes subordinate the mortgage. Once you buy and foreclose, there’s no mortgage on the property anymore. The foreclosure process usually takes 3 to 4 months,  after that the property becomes yours free and clear.

How do we get tax deeds?

We can get tax deeds if we win a bid from the tax deed auction. Certain counties take two to three months to send your Deeds, others may take maybe four to five months. On an average, we’ve seen that it’s going to take anywhere between two to three months to get your deeds.

How many lands are we buying now?

When we first started, like every other beginner we weren’t buying much, it took us two to three months to get the deed. Later we started buying 50 to 60 at a time, now the flow is going and we keep buying. Once you stop buying your money stops flowing, to keep the money flowing you have to keep buying. That’s how we made our first six figures.

What happens if the state wants to build on my land?

If the state wants to come in and build something on top of your land, they have to reach out to you first as the owner of the land. It’s called  eminent domain; if the state wants it they will have it, there’s nothing you can do about it, but you will be compensated for it. It rarely happens though, If it does happen, it’s going to be in a well-to-do area.

Ray and Jay focus on the rural areas to buy lands, but why?

From Ray: The primary reason why we focus on the rural side is because there is no competition, compared to the urban side where everybody is bidding  for the same property. 

Also because a good percentage of people are moving to the rural side, where it’s peaceful and quiet. Not everybody likes the hustle and bustle of the fast lane (urban side), 

What do we mean, when we say rural side?

When we say rural, we are talking about 30 to 60 people per square mile, or two to three hours away from the major cities, which are called zoom cities. Zoom cities became very popular during COVID- 19 pandemic, because nobody wanted to come into cities and deal with the crowd.

How do we focus on demand?

From Jay: We’ve also studied something called days on Market which is very important, basically those days on Market are going to show us how long properties are staying on the market and how long they’re moving off, so once we break that down into zip code, that’s how we focus on demand. Because if there are more properties that have actually been sold than what is for sale, that clearly shows demand inside of that market.

Why do people buy land from Ray and Jay?

From Jay: There are many reasons why people buy land from us. Some buy for recreational purposes. Recreational land is our biggest seller, people come in and take like 5 acres or 40 acres of the land. 40 acre tracts are very attractive for hunting. The buyers of the land like to put a small cabin on it and hunt on the property on weekends.

Infill Lands; There are basically two reasons why people buy infill lands, it’s either they want to build or just want to own properties.

What about Zoning laws?

Outside of the city there’s no zoning law, so you don’t have to worry about the planning and zoning department telling you what you can do with your property.

Success stories

Ray and Jay’s journey as land flippers, have impacted the lives of many. They have been teaching a lot of people how to successfully buy and sell lands for profit, some of their students (investors), that are doing really well are:

Courtney; Courtney is one of the first people that came into Ray and Jay’s program, she completed her first deal two to three months ago. She bought two acres for $19,000 on her first deal, turned around and sold it for $40,000 in two weeks, $0 out of her pocket because Ray and Jay  provide funding in their program. 

Stephanie; Stephanie is another young lady inside the program. Her first deal was a buy for 55,000, with a list price of 190, her second deal was a buy for 60,000 with a list price of 130.

Shauna; Shauna bought 15 Lots $300 a piece from Michigan’s auction last week. She turned around and sold them for $25,000 a piece.

These testimonials are terrific! Under Ray and Jay’s mentorship these ladies successfully bought lands for pennies and sold for a huge profit margin. What’s even more amazing is that they didn’t have to buy from their pocket.


Ray and Jay have been able to scale from financial struggle to financial independence through their land flipping business. By using tax-deeds and tax-liens they were able to buy lands for as little as $50 and sell for a high profit margin. Today they have become so good and successful in the business that they have decided to share with the world what they do and how they do it through their powerful course.

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