The 150 Best Online Course Ideas in 2023

Having an online course is the leading way coaches and online entrepreneurs are making six and seven figures online according to a recent report by Vonza.com, an all-in-one online course platform.

People want to buy your knowledge. All you need to do is to share what you already know. Your skills, expertise, or story is what somebody else needs to triumph in their life or business.

According to a report, the global massive open online course market was valued at around USD 3.61 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach approximately USD 25.33 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of slightly above 32.09% between 2019 and 2025 according to Globe News Wire.

You don’t have to shake your head to come up with an incredible idea for your business.

Here is a list of the top 150 online course topics in 2023 and beyond.

  1. How to create bestselling online courses
  2. How to heal from trauma
  3. How to cook vegan and keto
  4. The best productivity hacks
  5. How to cook to gain weight
  6. How to lose weight quickly
  7. How to start a mastermind group
  8. How to refurbish furniture or electronics
  9. How to develop a millionaire mindset
  10. How to teach any subject
  11. How to sell online courses
  12. How to organize your life for success
  13. How to repair your credit
  14. How to build your credit
  15. How to start a business
  16. How to scale a business
  17. How to create graphics
  18. How to be a public speaker
  19. How to create and build websites
  20. How to do natural nails and others
  21. How to grow & style healthy natural, curly or kinky hair
  22. How to repair cars
  23. How to replace a flat tire
  24. C++ for beginners
  25. How to conquer your fears
  26. How to have more confidence
  27. How to make your own jewelry
  28. How to pick up on men
  29. How to pick up on women
  30. How to create muscle definition
  31. How to find your purpose
  32. How to become a coach
  33. How to fix your marriage
  34. How to fix your kids
  35. How to apply make-up yourself
  36. How to style yourself for events
  37. How to stay married
  38. How to write a speech
  39. How to write a job-winning resume
  40. How to design or re-design your home
  41. How to save money with couponing
  42. How to diversify your investments
  43. How to start a blog that makes money
  44. How to write grants
  45. How to pass SAT, ACT, nursing exam, or any other exam
  46. How to start an award-winning podcast
  47. How to go off of the grid
  48. How to live a minimalist life
  49. How to live in a tiny home
  50. How to BUY a tiny home
  51. How to become organized
  52. How to purchase the perfect RV
  53. How to start a moving company
  54. How to start a trash company
  55. How to book speaking engagements
  56. How to write a best-selling book
  57. How to start a book club
  58. How to create custom hairpieces
  59. How to start a profitable YouTube channel
  60. How to master social media
  61. How to be a top-rated event planner
  62. How to reprogram your mind
  63. How to grow spiritually
  64. How to grow emotionally
  65. How to grow mentally
  66. How to be a seamstress
  67. How to flip houses
  68. How to invest: beginner, intermediate, or expert level
  69. How to learn the stock market
  70. How to do Facebook or Instagram or Google ads
  71. How to become an affiliate
  72. How to become a counselor
  73. How to get certified as a counselor
  74. How to become a licensed counselor
  75. How to be a travel agent
  76. How to get paid to travel
  77. How to make your own natural products
  78. How to grow your own herbs
  79. How to overcome postpartum depression
  80. How to breast-feed or pump or store milk
  81. How to become debt-free
  82. How to pay off student loans on a budget
  83. How to negotiate
  84. How to sell with confidence
  85. How to make friends
  86. How to build a brand
  87. How to start a car company
  88. How to rent cars for profit
  89. How to become a millionaire doing something
  90. How to become a Doula or a midwife
  91. How to become a clown
  92. How to build anything from wood
  93. How to start an event design business
  94. How to start a public relations (PR) company
  95. How to travel overseas
  96. How to go on a luxury vacation
  97. How to go on a vacation on a budget
  98. How to learn a new language
  99. How to learn a new instrument
  100. How to walk off your job
  101. How to prepare for retirement
  102. How to prepare for college
  103. How to speed read
  104. How to start a credit repair business
  105. How to sell anything with your knowledge 
  106. How to make money using your car
  107. How to make money using your phone
  108. How to make your husband listen to you
  109. How to make your wife listen to you
  110. How to have quality relationships
  111. How to apply for financial aid
  112. How to feed a family of 4 on $100 per week
  113. How to become a photographer
  114. How to become a videographer
  115. How to start a photo studio
  116. How to start a profitable restaurant
  117. How to start a personal care home business
  118. How to dress like a million bucks
  119. How to invest like a millionaire
  120. How to throw a party like a millionaire
  121. How to create your own customized products
  122. How to write a book
  123. How to find and apply for scholarships
  124. How to live on less than $30,000 a year
  125. How to act in a movie or play
  126. How to sing
  127. How to dance
  128. How to overcome shame and guilt
  129. How to start a SAAS company
  130. Machine learning/AI
  131. How to be an estate/life planner
  132. How to start a massage business
  133. How to do content marketing
  134. How to be an elderly caregiver
  135. How to trade in stocks
  136. Start a social networking website
  137. Single parent hacks for productivity
  138. Setting boundaries in your marriage
  139. Tidying up
  140. Improving your sex life
  141. How to get a kiss on the first date
  142. How to reignite passion in your marriage in 90 days
  143. How to win elections
  144. Political consulting
  145. Overcoming sleep apnea and snoring
  146. Monetizing your podcast
  147. How to save for retirement
  148. Build wealth in 90 days
  149. How to bring order into your life
  150. How to start a church and grow it into a mega church

How do you launch your online course?

How to launch your online course is fairly easy if you’re using Vonza:

  • Create a Vonza account at www.vonza.com
  • Pick a plan
  • Choose your area of expertise
  • Build out your Vonza platform
  • Promote
  • Make money and change the world

Now that you’ve seen 150 ideas to create a business, let us narrow it down into what you can start doing TODAY to generate income for yourself.

Out of the 150, what are your top 5 that you think you can do?





5. ____________________________________________________________________________

Of the 5 that you have listed, choose only 3 that you are most versed with.




Of these 3, how would you rate your skill level for each of them?

1._________________________________________ (Novice)



Online Course Ideas

The idea that you are most versed in or an “expert” in is your topic of choice!


Let’s say, for example, you are into holistic health. That’s great, but let’s get specific so that you have more to work with.

Holistic health for who?

Holistic health for moms

OK, holistic health for moms and what?

Holistic health for moms that work and have kids.

Now you’re talking! Try it with your idea.

_____________________________________________________ (course/product)

______________________________________________ for who?

What is it? ____________________________________________





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