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The Best Online Course Platform for 2024 – Teachable vs. Vonza

You don’t get results by focusing on results. You get results by focusing on the actions that produce results.

– Mike Hawkins

Results are what every company and business owner wants. Sometimes, however, they are so focused on achieving the goals they have set, they end up taking actions that don’t produce the best long-term results. When it comes to selling online courses, there are different actions course creators can focus on to get the results they want.

Vonza and Teachable are two wondrous course building platforms designed to assist content creators in achieving their goals. While both sites share similarities in design, the features allow for different actions to get results. For example, Vonza’s suite of tools helps creators focus on online marketing, while Teachable’s are great for building the best student learning experience.

But how do these platforms compare to each other? Let’s take a look at their features and see if their different focus on actions makes one better than the other.

The Website Builder

Vonza and Teachable have excellent website builders, each with quick designing and launching in mind. A course creator can design landing pages, make a blog, and create forms. The one advantage Vonza has is the native option to create an online store to sell both digital and physical products. Teachable can do the same with the help of third-party integrations, which is not a bad thing.

Both website builders make creating your website easy, designed so you won’t need to use additional plugins or need some knowledge in coding. All it will take is a few clicks here and a quick drag-drop there. But if you are looking to add some extra ‘oomph’ to your design, Teachable does have the option of using code to make a theme your own.

Vonza’s web builder gives a content creator everything they need in one platform, making it a better choice. However, what Teachable’s builder loses in native options, it gains in coding customization.

Online Course Platform

Course Building

Similar to their website builders, both platforms boast tools that will help course creators get their content made and out to their students in no time. Both platforms support video content, PDFs, images, live webinars, and others more for the best student experience. Where they differ is in the focused options that target the students.

The advantage of course building goes to Teachable thanks to its design of giving the best student experience it can. Even at the Basic pay level, Teachable instructors can create unlimited courses, upload unlimited videos, give basic quizzes, and allow students to comment on their lectures. At higher pay levels, teachers can do more such as make graded quizzes, form member-only communities, as well as give course completion certificates. Teachers can enjoy bulk enrollment and manual enrollment.

If your goal as a teacher is to create as many courses as you can and get them to many students as you can, then Teachable is your best option.

Marketing Power

Both platforms offer their course creators a variety of tools to market their products effectively, such as coupons for upselling and drip content. But where Teachable shines in maximizing course building, Vonza excels in marketing.

Vonza has a wide array of built-in tools that course creators can use to take the best marketing steps to sell courses. It has funnels (Vonza Funnels), a scheduling tool (Vonza Scheduling), and forms (Vonza Forms), just to name a few. And while Teachable may not have the same set of options, teachers that want more marketing tools can acquire them through third-party integrations. At this point we can say Vonza is cheaper than Teachable because of various tools you can use easily on Vonza.

Much like Thinkific, Teachable does not have a lot of native marketing tools like Vonza, but it can get them from other sites. So, in terms of overall marketing power, Vonza is the best Teachable alternative.

Which Platform is Best?

The answer simply boils down to what the course creator’s focus is. Do they want to jump right into making courses and enrolling students? Or do they want to get their courses to the students as best as they can? Teachable is the best platform if you want to create different courses for different students and not worry too much about marketing them. Vonza is preferable if you only plan to make a few courses and focus on marketing them.

So which platform is better? That depends on you and what you want out of your platform.

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